05.28.2016 Cash Shop Update - Donation Rate increase.

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Younha, May 28, 2016.

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    Hello Warriors of Ellora, we'll be changing the Donation Ratio from x1 to x3, meaning you'll be getting more Ellun!

    The rates now are,

    10$ = 300 (+5 Bonus) Ellun instead of 100!
    100$ = 3000 (+600 Bonus) Ellun instead of 1200!,

    That as high as we can go, keep in mind, we have to pay server bills too, and we've been doing so from our own pockets for the last 6months (preperation + the time we've been online now.) + paying the ones who work with us behind the scenes. (The Project Icarus Team.)

    I'm sure you've noticed already that we pay attention to what the players think, and care about your opinion.
    Therefore I hope you agree with the decisions we make too.

    NOTE: The ones who donated before this change will get the EXTRA Ellun sent out. So don't worry!

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