13.04.2018 Easter Event now ON!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Younha, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Hello Warriors of Ellora,
    The time has finally come and you guys get to enjoy the super delayed Easter Event, horray! ^-^
    Yes, we do appologize for it taking sooooo long, but here it is! The Event ends :
    May 6.
    We've added new Event Familiars to the Game that you can tame! The Names are / and clues will be;

    • Bloodguard Kerav - Where it is so hot you CANNOT survive!
    • Shadow Shard - You shall not pass! Or you're gonna end up digging for your own grave!
    • Megami Pegasus - High up in the Sky, hidden between all these clouds and fairies!
    • Black Pegasus - Poisonous and deadly!
    • Golden Bunny - What a cute little birds nest!
    • Radesh the Wise - The floor is LAVA! not in this case though, it might be Water!? - Are we in SPACE???
    • Blazing Qilin - Now this is what I call a vacation! what a beautiful spot this is!
    • Aethorus - *Cough Cough* all this DUST is making me insane! And it is so hot too!

    Now, since it was supposed to be a "Easter" Event, we are NOT going to tell you exactly where these Familiars are, yes you're gonna have to find them yourselves! Use the Clues!

    ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #1 The EVENT NPC (THE BUNNY NPC) can be found in Hakains Crossing by the Fountain! - Victory Square!

    #2 We've updated the Cash Shop and took all the old Items out that were outdated for our current Version, we hope you enjoy some of the new Items!

    #3 Event Familiar Stats may or may not be nerfed, depending on the outcome/result of them being used in a (full stack - being used in all slots)

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    The Bunny will have 25 Daily Quests. If you do not see so many, then select your region again on the Launcher (It will download a patch)

    Every dungeon will have a Rabbini spawned and can drop a Yuri Marble.
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