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    I noticed that, even tho the chance to temper says "Very High" in fact it isnt like the other "Very High" success chances that you have on gear. Maybe im wrong, or i just had bad luck on this one, but thinking back of when i was tempering my Alsas necklace i had over 15 fails with the lvl 180 Jewelry elite tempering stones and i kept being stuck on that "Very High" chance (as in, it went from +2 to +3, failed, back to +2, failed again, back to +1, succeded to +2, failed twice to +0).
    I cant really say if this Very high chance corresponds to the usual 70-99% success chance that we have on gear/weapon too, but i feel fooled by this.
    These Tempering stones are even more rare than the normal ones to temper Zelnaris Weapons/Bloodless pieces since they mostly drop from 8th boss, and are almost non-existent from the Kellwoods mines. Furthermore, the tempering system has to be almost impossible like this? Oh please.. o_O

    P.S.200+% Tempering chance:
    Tempering set with +7 bunnies, tempering potion, lvl 1-5 tempering talismans, sewing garilon, Kaito raffan 3 years pocket watch, herdbuff, tempering charm, iron willed title, 5/6 transcended reaper x-bow, zenon jewelry.... and what else... i had every possible thing since its not the first time i temper a mythical piece..

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