Halloween Dungeon is out now!

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    Hello Warriors of Ellora,

    We've added the Event Dungeon to Hakains Crossing, you can see where its located at on the picture.
    You can enter the dungeon
    2 times, every day!


    #1 By taking the
    quest from the NPC (Neeve) or,
    #2 By doing any kind of dungeon, where you can find a
    pumpkin spawn that has a slight chance, to drop another entry ticket for the dungeon!

    You can drop several items in the new Event Dungeon.

    For example:
    Alsas Items
    Temain Items
    Zelnaris Weapons (Very rare)

    You can also buy several Familiars from the NPC. You need to have "Haunted House Sweep Certificate" to exchange them. You always drop one after you defeat the Grim Reaper in the Event Dungeon.

    Event ends: 21.11.2017

    Hope you enjoy!

    IMPORTANT: If you got problems with updating the game. Click one time on the language selection on the launcher and click on English. It will download something and then you will be able to see everything. <-- Will fix the problem with not showing the Quest and NPC
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