Introductions! - well my introduction xD

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    Hello everyone here at Project Icarus :)

    I am 23, and I can be good to talk with, I can put a lot of time into things that I find interesting, as I don't really have that big of a personal life - no shit I play video games duh, but I found out about Riders of Icarus (Nexon first) which I played for some hours and reached 15, and I was like wtf aint this a bit to fast for a released version, wether beta or not. So was kinda biased about that. So I went on twitch, both due to I use it as a radio, but I saw Smokie(Big thanks to him! for streaming this server, as that lead me to find this and actually saw it had some decent content in it. I have now played for what 40mins - had to do some other stuff, and already lvl 10, but I concider that a better speed, due to the fact it is 1/6th max, and well all these bonuses :D Big thanks :)

    But Hi everyone! I do hope that we can have some fun in here together as it seems like it is worth staying :)


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