Lv.70 update surely will solve issues.

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    Well, first of all, i've been playing on this server for a long time and i really enjoyed and that's why i'm still playing here than Nexon. For about 2~3 weeks i was watching streams, videos and looking at the Korean page from Icarus and i found some really cool features that will come with the lv.70 update, helping people more than they expect, and solving issues, of course.

    Lack of Alsas Bless.

    I saw a video from the Korean server that you can pick Alsas bless, Energy, Teleos craft material and more stuff from Braghin Mines, wich is awesome, 'cause actually on our server we can only and not everytime pick them on Lv.40,50 and legendary dungeons with the risk of looting energy instead of bless and vice-versa. Ancient boxes you can rarely take packs of alsas bless/energy without opening 20+ boxes to get a single one.

    Materials for Golden Watermelon/Tyrant Vinisar.

    Already took the recipes and did dozens of Shady warrens and Hadakans Underground and i didn't take a single Shinning Rabbini Crystal to craft and try to capture them and all the people that i know didn't take thoose mats aswell, on the next update, you can gather them doing Shady Warrens with 8423874823 alts. (I know that they go there for Misteryous Frags too). It's pretty frustating see them and can't try to capture them.

    Drop changes on Elder Floating Fortress/Temple of Sands.

    I personally failed already 2 times trying to capture Duke Elder and honestly, it's ok 'cause i saw people failing on him even on lv.70, but the lack of the source from their materials is pretty depressing, you only get the materials rarely from Hadakans if you are on a good day. From the videos that i saw, you can pick thoose black stones from EFF/ToS with a decent amount to craft their orbs from the last boss. Apart from that, also the drops from thoose dungeons in general are way too bad.

    Liventia of Freedom Scroll

    I already did take 6 of his scroll farming, but it's not a easy task when you got a bad gear and don't got a rare drop stuff going on in your character. I know that on Legendary Wyrm you can drop that scroll and also Ancient Carapaces, wich is also rare to drop.

    New UI (User Interface)

    I've heard from the Russian players that the new interface don't lag too much as our actually UI lags when you're scrolling your craft list, using cards as buff and rotating pets to buff yourself. I also got a friend who downloaded their client and tested, and he said the same thing.

    I'm not the kind of player like "OMG, I WANT THE UPDATE NOW 'CAUSE THE OTHER SERVER GOT IT" I'd wait the Turimann update without complain about it a single time. But from the moment that it starts to affect negatively our gameplay and generating problems, it's time to take a action against this, this is what i think.
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