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    Max quest you can accumulate - 4pages
    first thing u do after u are done with Tutorial and are in Brakar Forest

    Open "Ellora's Storage" Default keybind "Ctrl+i"

    Claim all the stuff in there use bag so u have extra Slots

    you can also Claim things for Achievments in "[" menu some give Elluns

    Also if u want best Experience gain u will need to leave game idle for 1-2 days u can do this
    easy by putting game into a Small Window and minimse it

    then once u have Aquired 200 elluns
    Go to "Ellora's Shop" Default Keybind "Ctrl+S"
    then go to Special tab and buy "EXP Boost Talisman(30days)" gives 100% exp and cost 100 Elluns
    Next go to Appearance tab Page 9 last item "Grassland Fox for Growth(30days)" it gives another
    100% EXP and cost 100 Elluns

    once u have those then u good to start questing use a 200% pot as well u will have max exp
    now theres 2 options from here

    if u have friends / a good mentor u need by lvl19 is last lvl u can get mentor
    if u have said mentor who is willing then takes 30mins or so DO Yellow main Quest only till u reach Hakain's Crossing
    Then go thru North Capital Gate portal Then head over to Divinity Shore and sit there in sky on mount so u dont get killed for about 30mins wile lvl70 mentor kills Elites in a party with u
    you will be around Lvl40-50 in 30mins with exp booster
    if mentor is extra nice could boost to 60 but 40 is fine
    then u need to go into "[" menu and claim the lvl40 karsha perm rental armor ticket
    and go to Rex Rabini back in Hakain's Crossing, Victory Plaza
    oh almost forgot dont buy the wrong Set for your class at Rex Rabini Guy for lvl40

    "Stalwart" armor Is Guardian class
    "Brutal" Armor is Bezerker class
    "Veiled" Armor is Asassin class
    "Arcane" Armor is Magican/Wizard class
    "Devout" Armor is Preist class
    "Wild" Armor is Ranger class
    "Genuine" Armor is Idol Class

    First Pc Bunny Location is in Victory Plaza in Hakain's Crossing Directly Across From Rex Rabini infront of The Auction House Building
    PCbunny's Growth Tincture 1-49 100% exp 1hr
    PCbunny's Growth Tincture 50-66 100% exp 1hr

    's Shop
    Character EXP booster I Level 1-39 5 elluns Page 1 Items tab 30% exp 3hr Also other stat buff
    Character EXP booster II 40-49 5 elluns page 2 items tab 30% exp 3hr Also other stat buff
    Character EXP booster III 50-54 30% exp 3hr Also other stat buff

    Now if u are on the Route Of mentor Power lvled at Divinity then u will need to do main quest till u do Quest to Unlock Talents tab in "P" menu Then go back to Hakain's Crossing and go do Quest Crow has inside the kings place Directly across from Kings chamber and then go to Rift and start Doing all Sides and main quest u can do besides Dungeon ones / Dailys and ones that Require Food / crafting
    And go from there By half way into cloying waste u will be 60 ish with maxing out exp and starting lvl of 40 from power lvl

    Other route is Do all Quests you can and only use the 200% potions When u got a a full 4pages of sides and did mains in a area

    now were it gets Complex to quest is probly in Newest Region Aka "Turimnan Valley"
    you will end up being stuck most likely if done right at lvl66 needing to reach lvl67 quest after finishing all mains and sides
    u will need to Do the Dungeon Quests in "Tomb of the wyrm" once u do the sides there it will unlock dailys do the dailys
    the once u reach lvl67 u will have more plot it will lead u back to "Brakar Forest" Eventualy
    and then u will have to do some quest there that will send u around doing random shit for lots of exp wont seem like alot cause u need ALLOT
    and also u will have Dailys over at a Chick in the First camp with a Shrine
    which will have u kiling elites in brakar which u will need to find a party For

    and thats all there is to leveling
    its not that Complex once you get used to it
    oh heres a few tips

    "Tip 1" open "Ellora's shop" then go to Elluns tab and buy the "Ellun (1 pack)" for 1 ellun to refresh your "Ellora's Storage"

    "tip 2" you get "PCBunny Coin Ellun Package" 1-2 every 15mins
    u get average of 100 Per day from leaving game open 24/7 in small window or what ever
    Which gives a 12 pc bunny coins which can be turned into Pc Bunny carrot Coins at Pcbunny NPC
    and also a PcBunny Ellun Luckybox
    which can give anywere from 1-999
    1 ellun common
    2/3 elluns less common
    10 elluns Uncommon
    30/50 elluns Rare
    100 elluns Very Rare
    Above 100 Elluns God lvl Luck

    "tip 3"
    the Pcbunny Red and blue potions stack with eachother makeing it reduice Taming Point cost by 50%

    "tip 4" dont be Afraid to ask someone about diff Features / also just takes alot of time to learn the game

    "tip 5" Dont Get scammed "scammers are frowned apon But not banned for it"

    "tip 6" so this is for latter on u want to buy the 5 gem slot 500 ellun item in Elloras shop then get Either Damage % or Defense % gems
    Health From gems Seals Armor rolls does not Count Toward %HP
    only Health From Constitution Counts Towards HP%
    so basicly Damage % is best gems to use there is Physical and magical use the right one for your class if u have Intel in talents u are Magical if u have Strength in talents u are physical

    "tip 7" buy Premium u dont have to Donate for elluns just leave game running u will get free elluns
    it will make every Ellun use besides items in Elloras Shop and Rabini Ellun Merchant 30%Cheaper
    that Includes Familar Storage slots, normal storage slot, Auction house Slots, booster bag slots, Refines ,honeing,Relic identifying,etc
    Also the Premium buff Will Share between all 5 of your characters on one account
    and u can only claim the 34 Elluns a day for 30days on 1 time per day no matter which character
    so if u save back the 1024 elluns then its only 476 elluns each month after first time of getting prem leaving u with average of 2500 elluns to spend each month if u leave game idle 24/7

    you can also Donate For elluns if u dont want to idle game wile not playing
    u need like 7 or 9 hrs playtime on account befor it lets u donate
    the best deal is 100Usd for 3600 elluns But there are Smaller Packages
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