Possible Lootchanges for some Dungeons

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    Some possible changes in Loot for Dungeons (mostly RRB related)


    Remove(cuz i dont wanna spend time to empty my inv all the time…)

    -Remove Heroic Refining Stones

    -Remove Blessed Heroic Extractors

    -Remove All non Blessed Tempering Stones

    -Remove Fated Taming marks

    -Remove Poisonus essence

    -Remove Heroic Familiar Seal Token

    -Remove Barder craft Recipes

    -Remove Garilor,Runelon,Poreon Taming Item

    -Remove Akrat Barder craft Materials


    -5-7 Gem boxes with 7-9 Gem Boxes

    -Alsas Inheritance Recipe Lucky Box --> Temain inheritance Recipe Lucky Box


    Droprate Zelnaris Soulstones around 25-30 Stones (full party) should Drop within 7 bosses to avoid forcing people to do heavy farm runs (Balanced around Daylie quest for Zelnaris crafting)

    A bit higher chance for Mythical only tempering Stone would be nice

    Maybe Add

    Salant Magic Shard Daylie (Kill Zenon/Shakis/Karrade) => Reward 1x Salant Magic Shard

    Gem Enhancing Stones

    30% Shining Heroic Remperin Stones

    30% Blessed Heroics Tempering Stones

    +7 extractors on Shakis+

    65 Transcending stones on Shakis+

    Add some Kherim Ore drops --> For bloodless crafting later on

    Would love to see but not gonna happen i guess

    Blessed Reverse tempering stone (Karrade and higher)

    Reaper Stuff dropped on Karrade and higher (really low chance)

    Not beeing half dead at Karrade

    Lucid beeing killed without bugging her



    Zenon Jewlery

    Mupadin Jewlery

    Kashim Jewlery

    Lazart Jewlery

    No longer tryharding and stealing bosses from others. Droprate maybe same as the Fractura Jewlery set (exchange maybe?)

    Elloras Spire/Tower of Challenge


    -Awakening Shards

    -Jeranins Heart

    -Kurunins Heart

    -Bismuths Heart

    -Orune Heart thingy

    -Lvl 40 Buff Food

    Maybe Add

    Awakened Familiar taming Emblem (Horses/Rodesh)


    Only one chesttype dropped with ingots

    Shady Warren

    Lvl 35 Legendary Crossbow/Lance

    Counterfeit Ingots

    Counterfeid Rabbini Coins

    Kaito Rabbini Tear x5

    Maybe Add

    Nerha's Transcending Stone

    Allow pet summon for Looting the Cards (for lazy peeps like me)

    Note: these are just some random ideas not all of em are thought through :confused:

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